A key part of our business philosophy stems from our belief that it is possible to succeed in commercial terms without causing detrimental social and / or environmental impacts.

To this end our Business Practices Charter commits us to:

  • Sourcing our energy and gas via a green energy supplier, ensuring supplied are produced from renewable sources.
  • Utilising website hosting which is 100% wind powered.
  • Keeping any non-online marketing collateral to a minimum, and producing print collateral using sustainable material and techniques.
  • Banking with an ethical provider, who place emphasis on the social and environmental impacts of its investments and loans.
  • Vigilantly keeping our waste to a minimum, recycling and reusing items wherever possible.
  • Donating one percent of our annual net revenue to our chosen registered charity.
  • Continuing our membership of the 10:10 global movement, dedicated to cutting carbon.
  • To read our full ethical and environmental policies, please follow the following links.

Our Ethical Policy

Our Environmental Policy