Advance Australia or Best Of Britain?

With strong localised knowledge and a great contact base within both the UK and Australia, Orbis is well placed to help companies plan and execute international expansion.

Green GlobeIf you are considering expanding your business to either country, we can assist with:

  • Market Evaluation
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Price Modelling & Competitor Analysis
  • Partner Auditing & Selection
  • Office Selection & Legal Consultancy
  • Localisation of Marketing Strategy & Collateral
  • Advice on Local Business Conditions
  • Representation at Trade Events

Why Use A Market Entry Specialist?

By using an in-country team, risks and costs are significantly minimised, and we provide strategic insight to allow you to:

  • reduce the investment needed;
  • reduce the risks of market entry;
  • improve your chances of success;
  • accelerate the market entry process;
  • test the market before committing long term investment.
  • Read a testimonial from one of our Market Entry clients.